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March 19, 2016
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The finish line is in sight

The finish line is in sight…

13The dream is coming true. It has been a long and determined labour of love. Gentle hands lovingly restoring some very grand old ladies. Each and every part, be it cylinder, gear box or chassis – all searched for and found. Gently and intensely inspected and almost caressed in knowledgeable hands stained forever by grease – the hand cream of mechanics and artisans whose passion just happens to be their job. These “landies” are their number one girls. Age is just a number.

The pieces are coming together. There is clarity and excitement. The far flung imagination is becoming a sound realisation as each sturdy Land rover awakens from its rusty cobweb slumber.

There is shine and polish. Engines roaring into life for the first time in years. The comforting thud and growl of a spontaneous combustion as it fires up -purring with pleasure as it breathes life into its sleepy engines.

The workshops at the Amalinda Collection have been a flurry of excitement as each vehicle takes shape. There is a spring in step of the mechanics and a renewed energy as that elusive spare is found and fitted. The seats are being covered and re- fitted and that engine block that was found under a tree on a farm outside of town is fitted, working and totally unrecognisable. The metal clink of the spanners and wrench, the hiss of the tyres as they inflate and the crackle of the two way radios as they speak to each other for the first time. Decking and spraying – the very British racing green. The smell of leather and polish, grease and dust – all adding to the aroma of achievement. The smell of success. The “landies” are shining in the sun like a Dowager showing off her jewels.

The Hwange Safari Company. The romance of a bygone era.

It’s happening.