There are those that dream of time gone by. The Hwange Safari Company delivers a taste of the quintessential art of living at the turn of the Century. A bygone era of aristocracy and old fashioned elegance, manners and etiquette.

The Hwange Safari Company has re-invented this vintage era, offering a safari experience like no other. Each beautiful, lovingly restored and revamped vintage Land Rover is equipped with every luxurious accessory that will make your Safari unique and exceptional.

Professional Guides will take you on an epic journey in these legendary vehicles. Let your imagination take you back to a much simpler, more glorious time where less was more.

Picture a game drive in the wilderness, with the Land Rover diesel engine effortlessly purring. Everyone looking, searching, spotting and capturing those Kodak moments. Stopping for tea by a waterhole and later, under the sprawling branches of an ancient tree, a beautifully prepared luncheon served on pristine white table cloths.

Our Guides are bastions of in-depth knowledge about the flora and fauna of the untamed surroundings, their stories and facts leaving you speechless and spell bound as you sip a cold, bittersweet gin and tonic.

At the end of your day, as your intrepid “Landy” makes its way into the twilight of the African bush, there is a soft glow in the distance and you arrive at your welcoming tented camp where you will spend the night. The mouth-watering aroma of dinner mingling with the unique and grassy smell of the African air. The subtle, elegant clink of ice and glassware accompanies the noises of the African night. A well-earned dinner is presented by our highly trained Chef, accompanied by a carefully selected wine. Night caps and chatter around the campfire are a classic end to a classic day.

Soft downy pillows and crisp white sheets envelop you. The only thing separating you from the bush and the ocean of stars above is the fabric of your tent. Fresh air is a natural sedative and sleep comes easy.

This is a day in the life of The Hwange Safari Company. A new, innovative venture from The Amalinda Collection. Unrivalled, unquestionable Old fashioned elegance where the only thing that’s brand new is your experience. We look forward to turning back the clock with you.

Pro Guide

Raymond “Ray”Ndlovhu

One can safely say that Hwange is in Raymonds DNA. Raymond is a second generation Hwange professional. He was born in the Hwange National Park and his father worked for National Parks based in Hwange.